BLA attacks Pak Army across Pak-occupied Balochistan, kills eleven & injures two

BLA Strike Pakistan Forces in Multiple Assaults, 11 Killed
BLA Takes Credit (Photo - News Intervention)

Jeeyand Baloch, spokesperson for the Freedom fighter group Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), has claimed responsibility for a series of attacks targeting Pak security forces across the Pak-occupied-Balochistan province over the past day.

In a statement released, Jeeyand said BLA fighters carried out three separate assaults in the areas of Bolan, Gwadar, and Turbat, resulting in 11 Pak Army personnel killed and two injured. A communication tower was also destroyed in Kech.

According to the spokesperson, BLA fighters struck a vehicle carrying Pak forces with an IED blast in Peer Ismail area of Bolan district. The powerful explosion left 10 soldiers dead and the vehicle completely destroyed.

Another attack was claimed in Gwadar city’s Baloch Ward neighborhood last night, where fighters targeted a Pakistan Coast Guard check post with hand grenades, wounding two personnel.

Simultaneously in Kech’s Suni Shoran area, BLA fighters sabotaged machinery at a communication tower operated by Ufone telecom company, rendering it inoperable.

In the most recent incident on Sunday evening, Jeeyand stated that BLA fighters fired several grenades at the office of Pak Military Intelligence (MI) in Turbat city using a launcher. One soldier manning the central gate security checkpoint was killed in the blasts, while further enemy casualties were inflicted.

The BLA spokesman defiantly declared the group’s responsibility for the four attacks and vowed to continue the armed struggle until the goal of an independent Balochistan is achieved. Since 1947, Pak Army has forcefully occupied Balochistan leaving the Baloch community oppressed and alienated. Therefore, freedom groups have taken up arms to make their motherland free from oppression and make a place where the community will live in peace and happiness.

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