BLA attacks Pak Army in Turbat

BLA Attack on Pakistan Army in Turbat
BLA attacks Pak Army (Source - X)

Giving a heavy blow to Pak “establishment”, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) attacked the Pak Army in Turbat. On the night of 10th Jan, the fighters of the BLA declared that they took ownership of the attack on the Pak Army that were present in Kech.

The brave freedom fighters launched multiple grenades at the checkpoint of Airport Chowk. The fighters targeted an occupying Army checkpoint in the city of Kech, Turbat which killed at least three Army personnel due to the explosions.

The Baloch Liberation Army’s spokesperson, Jeeyand Baloch, stated that these operations are a reaction to Pak Army’s continuous, violent occupation of Balochistan, and will continue till the attainment of their free homeland. Baloch people are being targeted and watched over by the Pak Army since March 1948, and anyone who might pose a question is either killed or kidnapped.

The BLA’s actions demonstrate their determination to oppose the repressive Army that has tarnished Balochistan’s history. These calculated attacks are meant to sabotage the occupying forces’ activities and discourage those who assist them. The Baloch Liberation Army is unwavering in its pursuit of a free and sovereign Balochistan as the liberation struggle heats up.

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