POB: Kharan protests back March Against Baloch Genocide by Pak Army

Protest in Kharan & Noshki on call of Baloch Yakjehti Committee.
Kharan protest ( Source - X)

In a recent development, a massive protest took place in Kharan, Pakistan where a large crowd of people expressed their unwavering solidarity with the Baloch people in their ongoing march against the Baloch genocide. Events like this emphasizes how powerfully the Baloch people have united to voice their opposition to the injustices they endure and the need for international attention and action to address this ongoing crisis.

In addition to the protest in Kharan, protests have also been observed in Noshki on call of Baloch Yakjehti Committee. These protests mark difficult days for Pak Army. The march started in response to the Pak Army’s extrajudicial killing of Balach Mola Bakhsh, which raised questions about enforced disappearances and violations of human rights in Pakistan-occupied Balochistan.

The Baloch people have been subjected to constant oppression since March 27, 1948, including daily home raids, disappearances, staged encounters, target killings, torture, and kidnappings for ransom. The world observes the Baloch people’s brave resistance, and the cry for justice echoes outside of Balochistan. This cry won’t stop until the Pak Army’s repressive hold is released and the voices of the Baloch people are acknowledged and heard.

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