BLA attacks Pakistan Army convoy in Mastung; 1 Pak Army soldier dead

BLA attack
BLA press release (Photo: News Intervention)

In the latest development, BLA attacked Pakistan Army convoy in Mastung, an area within Pakistan-occupied Balochistan, resulting in the death of at least one Pak Army personnel and injuring three others. According to a statement provided to the media by the BLA, their fighters targeted a convoy of Pakistan security forces consisting of three vehicles. The ambush took place while the forces were conducting a survey of a location previously impacted by an explosion. Using grenade launchers and other heavy arms, the BLA’s attack led to the demise of one soldier and inflicted injuries on three others.

The BLA reaffirmed its commitment to continue such assaults until the expulsion of security forces from Pakistan-administered Balochistan. Notably, Pakistan has been in unlawful control of Balochistan since 1948, exploiting its resources for its own gain while leaving the populace in despair.

To maintain its illegal grip over the region, Pakistan has employed various oppressive tactics, including enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, profiling and abduction of students, and supporting death squads. In response to these circumstances, Baloch freedom fighters have undertaken an armed struggle against the Pakistani establishment, targeting occupying forces, convoys and infrastructure.

Currently, Pakistan is facing intensified resistance from these freedom fighters, whose actions appear to be growing more aggressive over time until Pakistan relinquishes control of the region and returns it to its rightful owners, the Baloch people.

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