Pakistan Army kills innocent children amid Eid preparations in explosion in POGB

pak explosion in balochistan
Youth killed in the explosion in khuzdar (Photo: News Intervention)

Immediately following the evening prayer on Sunday, a significant explosion carried out on the orders of Pakistan at Umer Farooq Chowk in Khuzdar, resulted in the death of three individuals, leaving over ten others injured. The deceased and injured mostly include children, youth and women.

The explosion caused extensive damage to nearby shops as well as vehicles, with shattered windows and debris scattered across the area. Police swiftly cordoned off the scene and initiated an investigation into the incident.

Occupying authorities believe the explosives were concealed within a motorcycle, causing widespread casualties, including injuries to a woman. Considerably, Umer Farooq Chowk serves as the bustling commercial hub of Khuzdar which hosts numerous shopping centers and frequented by hundreds of people in the days leading up to Eid.

So far, no organisation has claimed responsibility of the attacks. Meanwhile, expressing condemnation, the Islamabad imposed Chief Minister of Pakistan-occupied Balochistan, Sarfaraz Bugti has denounced the attack as cowardly and pledged to ensure that those responsible face justice. However, Paank, the human rights department of Balochistan National Movement (BNM) has accused Pakistan of orchestrating the attack in line with its long existing systematic pattern of abuse.

In a post on social media platform X, Paank stated, “We strongly condemn the heinous attack on innocent civilians in Khuzdar, perpetrated by state-backed actors. The loss of three innocent lives and the injury of ten others is deeply concerning and unacceptable. For far too long, Pakistani forces have been accused of employing terror tactics against the people of Balochistan, perpetuating a cycle of violence and suffering. This systematic pattern of abuse must come to an immediate end. This appalling act, perpetrated by state-backed terrorists, is a grave violation of human rights and a blatant disregard for the sanctity of civilian lives.”

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