BLA kills ISI agents in Pak-occupied Balochistan

Representative photo

The Baloch Liberation Army targeted personnel of Pakistani secretive agencies in Noshki and Bulaida. An enemy personnel was killed and three were injured in these attacks.

In Noshki, BLA freedom fighters targeted and eliminated Agha Wali, a local agent of Pakistani occupying forces. Agha Wali was working for Pakisan’s ISI as an informant. He was using his shop as a secret base for ISI.

Agha Wali was involved in several crimes including coercing and blackmailing young girls and boys to recruit them for Pakistan’s secretive agencies. He was aiding Pakistani occupying forces in forcible disappearances of Baloch youth. He was also harassing the family members of Baloch martyrs.

For committing national treason, Agha Wali was on the hit list of Baloch Liberation Army. He was eliminated in Noshki for his heinous crimes.

In another attack, freedom fighters of BLA targeted a secret hideout of Pakistani secretive agents in Menaz, Bulaida. The attack was carried out on credible information regarding presence of Pakistani agents. Three enemy personnel were injured in this attack.

“BLA commits to continue to target Pakistani military and its secretive agents until the liberation of Balochistan”, said Jeeyand Baloch,spokesperson for the Baloch Liberation Army.

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