BLF kills 7 Pak Army soldiers in Pak-occupied Balochistan

Baloch Sarmachaar (freedom fighters) in action. (Representative photo/News Intervention)

The spokesperson of Balochistan Liberation Front, Major Gwahram Baloch, said that seven personnel of the Pakistani Army have been shot dead and their weapons confiscated.

BLF spokesman further confirmed that Sarmachaars attacked a convoy of trucks carrying rations of the Pakistani army in Kandasol area of Gwadar with heavy weapons, killing three army personnel in one of the trucks. After confiscating their weapons, the Sarmachaars set fire to the truck of the enemy army. Another vehicle in this convoy was also targeted in which three personnel were killed and the driver managed to escape with injuries. They said that the video of the attack would be published soon.

He further said that on 25 October, Sarmachaars had planted a landmine in Kandasol, Kumb area of Gwadar when the enemy forces were busy in barbarism in the area. The Sarmachaars went to inspect the area and found the shoes of a Pakistani army officer and traces of blood which confirmed the death of an army after being hit by it.

He said that the attacks on the occupying forces would continue until the independence of occupied Balochistan.

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