BLA kills over 150 Pak Army soldiers in twin attacks at Panjgur & Nushki

Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) Majeed Brigade (self-sacrificing unit) launched twin attacks Wednesday on Pakistan Army base camps at Panjgur and Nushki and have eliminated more than one hundred fifty Pakistani soldiers. The battle at Nushki is over wherein over a hundred Pakistani soldiers were killed and nine BLA revolutionaries attained martyrdom. BLA freedom fighters were still battling and defending their position at Panjgur base camp at the time of writing this report.

Local sources confirmed that BLA revolutionaries were bravely defending their position at the Panjgur base camp and had shot down two Pakistani gunship helicopters. Pakistan Army helicopters were swirling round the Frontier Corps military base at Panjgur and their soldiers were firing relentlessly at the BLA revolutionaries, but were unable to wrest back their military base.

On the other hand, the Panjgur district administration in a statement asked the people to remain in their homes in view of the battle at Panjgur. Curfew was imposed and nobody was allowed to step out. Rawalpindi has issued a gag order on local media and there has been a complete internet blockade.

Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) spokesperson Jayend Baloch addressed the media from an undisclosed location and said that a large part of the military camps at Panjgur was still under the control of the Majeed Brigade of Baloch Liberation Army.

“Baloch Liberation Army’s Majeed Brigade has successfully completed its operation in FC (Frontier Corps) headquarters in Nushki,” said Jeeyand Baloch in his statement. He added that “BLA Majeed Brigade fidayees eliminated at least 100 personnel of Pakistani military including an officer, just in the Nushki FC headquaters.”

Media reporting and coverage has been banned to cover up this massive and successful attack of the Baloch revolutionaries and telecom network has been disabled across Panjgur, Nushki and Makran division of Balochistan. The ISPR (Inter Services Public Relations), propaganda arm of Pakistan Army, has activated its troll army who have begun sharing photoshopped photos and fake videos in a desperate attempt to hide their embarrassment.

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