Pakistani SSG commandoes are afraid of us: BLA Majeed Brigade

BLA Majeed Brigade commando briefing the ground situation from Panjgur military base camp. (Photo: BLA Media Cell)
BLA Majeed Brigade commando briefing the ground situation from Panjgur military base camp. (Photo: BLA Media Cell)

The Panjgur Frontier Corps (FC) military base of Pakistan Army continues to be under the control of Baloch Liberation Army’s (BLA) Majeed Brigade (self-sacrifice unit), 38 hours after BLA’s attack at around 8PM (local time) on February 2.

BLA in latest statement has said that more than 70 Pakistan Army soldiers have been killed at Panjgur. This number is expected to increase as BLA Majeed Brigade continue to hold on the base and are targeting Pakistanis soldiers. More than 100 Pakistani soldiers were killed by BLA Majeed Brigade at Nushki military camp of the Frontier Corps (FC). BLA’s Nushki operation was successfully completed on February 3, but the Panjgur operation is still under way.

Baloch Liberation Army has released the transcript of telephonic talk by Majeed Brigade commando, from inside the Panjgur base camp, detailing the ground scenario to BLA’s core commander at another location in occupied Balochistan.

BLA Core Commander (asks the Majeed Brigade commando): What is the ground situation, and how are you?
BLA Majeed Brigade Commando (speaking from inside the Panjgur base camp of Pakistan Army): We are fine. We entered the Frontier Corps (FC) headquarters at Panjgur on February 2.  Today it is the 4th Feb and we have completed 27 hours and the whole situation is under our control. We have won the war in our favour and have repulsed the enemy (Pakistan) in such a way that they are afraid to come before us. Helicopters have fired rockets and mortar shells at Panjgur Bazaar this evening, which may have fallen in Panjgur bazaar.

Later, some armoured vehicles tried to enter our compound, but they were targeted by our comrades. In these armoured vehicles were three (Pakistan Army) SSG commandoes, out of which two were killed by the comrades while the third one managed to escape. Armoured vehicles were also targeted and occupied by BLA comrades.

The enemy (Pakistan) has retreated so much that we have completed 27 hours but they are still afraid to face us. SSG commandoes are also afraid to come forward. The morale of our comrades is high and the situation is under control. No matter whatever tactics the enemy (Pakistan) uses, our spirits are high and we will keep the situation under control. Such tactics are not a problem for us. We are soldiers of the glorious brigade of Balochistan.

We will try to continue this war tonight, it is already 1 AM beyond midnight, and the enemy (Pakistan) has still been unable to retrieve the bodies of their fallen soldiers. We will adjust our strategy according to tactics of the enemy force.

Let the Baloch nation see that we are deep inside the enemy’s (Pakistan Army) cantonment. Despite thousands of personnel, we have made the enemy (Pakistan) helpless such that they are shelling mortars on their own base camps, sometimes in the bazaar and sometimes in the surrounding areas.

Our spirits are high and we will continue with this fight. Everyone should try to sacrifice more than their means for the land. We are witnessing the times of a powerful army and today we are strongly entrenched deep inside their stronghold which is also the regional base of ISI.

We can see the enemy personnel (Pakistani soldiers) running from one door to the other taking cover which shows their fear.

We are hopeful that Balochistan will carry on with its fight for independence in the best possible way in the future. Baloch will continue the  struggle for independence by contributing more than they  share.

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