BLA Majeed Brigade attacks Pakistan’s second biggest Naval Air Station in Turbat

air m=naval base attack
Pakistan's Naval Air Base in Turbat (Photo: Social Media)

In a bold move, the Majeed Brigade, an elite unit of the Balochistan Liberation Army, attacked Pakistan’s naval air station, PNS Siddique, in Turbat on Tuesday. Intense gunfire, explosions, and the sound of helicopters reverberated throughout the town. Gunfire continued to be heard until around 3:30 am, hours after the BLA’s attack on PNS Siddique began at 10 pm on Monday.

PNS Siddique in Turbat is known for its strategic importance as it is stationing of Chinese drones and is therefore considered a sensitive area for the Pak Army. However, the naval base has become the latest target of the Majeed Brigade. In an email to journalists, the BLA Majeed Brigade claimed responsibility stating, “We have entered the Pakistani Naval Airbase in Turbat”.

The BLA opposes the Pak Army’s oppression and allowance of China’s overpowering presence and exploitation of the rich resources of Pak-occupied-Balochistan, all in the name of investments.

This incident marks the group’s second operation within a week and its third major attack this year. Earlier attacks included an operation in Mach city on January 29 and an attack on the ISI and MI headquarters in Gwadar on March 20 which resulted in killing of 25 Army personnel.

Following the attack, District Health Officer Kech has imposed an emergency at Teaching Hospital Turbat and all medical staff have been ordered to report to duty immediately to manage the casualties.

Turbat is currently witnessing a surge in military action, marked by helicopters flying overhead and constant gunfire and explosions on the ground. The Frontier Corps has blocked off several major roads in Turbat, while a a large contingent of FC personnel is heading towards the naval airbase.

Recently, BLA says it has killed “over a dozen” personnel in its ongoing attack in Turbat, which has been ongoing for the last three hours. Additionally, they’ve shared an audio clip from one of their fighters involved in the attack. In the recording, the fighter mentions targeting multiple Army vehicles, signaling an intensification of the attack.

The significance of Gwadar port cannot be overstated; it stands as a cornerstone of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a symbol of bilateral cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Independent groups like the BLA are striving for Balochistan’s autonomy. Balochistan has faced marginalization, violence, and genocide at the hands of the Pakistan Army since its illegal occupation in 1948. Alongside China, the Pak Army has continuously exploited the resource-rich province, making it not only one of the poorest regions of the country but also marked by violence, bloodshed, and tears.

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