BLA’s releases video showing training & use of advanced weapons

BLA video reveals special forces level training
BLA (Photo: Social Media)

Recently, the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) released a 71-minute video about its capture of Mach town. The video showcased close-quarters combat (CQB) training inside a captured Pak Army camp, as well as special forces-level training and the use of advanced tactical weapons such as thermal scopes. The documentary-style video features English-language voice-over narration and was filmed using drones, helmet-mounted cameras, and high-quality cameras.

From the video, it is evident that recent attacks and this footage indicate that the BLA has evolved from a small, ill-equipped group into an organized entity with high-quality resources and manpower. The organization possesses a wide range of assault rifles, grenade launchers, RPGs, and now even tactical vehicles.

One of the most striking aspects of the video is the footage of BLA fighters conducting close-quarters combat training inside a Pakistan Army camp. Reportedly, the camp, located in Sangaan near Sibbi, was captured by the BLA after the Pakistan Army vacated it following a BLA attack.

Some of the combat training shown in the video appears to be at a much higher level than what a conventional paramilitary or military entity would undertake, akin to special forces-level training.

The BLA has increased its efforts to enhance its capabilities to tackle the oppressive Army in the region. However, one thing is certain: the BLA is no longer a threat that can be ignored by the Pak establishment.

The damage inflicted on the Army was significant, demonstrating the BLA’s unwavering commitment to an independent Balochistan. Since the forceful and brutal occupation by the Pakistan Army in 1928, Balochistan has endured a painful environment.

The innocent Baloch population has suffered countless atrocities. In addition to daily home raids, abductions, and a lack of essential infrastructure, Baloch youth are mercilessly shot, and killed, and their bodies are dumped. To liberate their motherland from this brutal occupation, freedom fighters of the BLA and BLF have taken up arms and chosen to resist the evil, oppressive force in power.

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