Pak Army disappears four more Baloch students in Pak-occupied-Balochistan

Four young students disappeared in Pak-occupied Balochistan
Disappeared Baloch students (Photo: X)

In a disturbing escalation of human rights violations, four additional young students have been subjected to forced disappearances in the Pak-occupied Balochistan region.

The latest incidents follow the forcible disappearance of Baloch youth Bilal Ahmed on March 4 in Khuzdar, where the oppressive actions of the Pak Army carried out massive operations against Baloch communities. This incident occurred while the Pak Army carried out massive operations against Baloch communities during a house-to-house search operation. These heartbreaking incidents have become more common. Civilian homes were broken into and individuals were tortured, abducted, killed and dumped.

These distressing developments highlight a grim reality where enforced disappearances have become increasingly common. Since the forceful occupation of Balochistan on March 27, 1948, the Pakistan Army has consistently subjected Baloch communities to violence and atrocities. The ongoing pattern of enforced disappearances by the Pakistan Army in PoB is deeply troubling and demands immediate attention and cessation.

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