BLF eliminates 19 Pak soldiers while defending Balochistan

During November 2021 the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) carried out sixteen lethal attacks against the Pakistani forces in which more than nineteen Pakistani soldiers were killed and dozens injured. Two attacks were carried out on Pakistani military construction company, Frontier Works Organization (FWO), wherein a check post was destroyed and weapons sized. One BLF sarmachaar (freedom fighter) embraced martyrdom while defending Balochistan against occupying forces of Pakistan.

01 November  2021
BLF sarmachaars (freedom fighters) set fire to the machinery of military construction company Frontier Works Organization (FWO) in front of Murad Bakhsh Hotel, Sang Bazaar in Hoshap area of ​​Kech district.

04 November 2021
BLF snipers attacked a Pakistan Army post in the Moch Kaur area of ​​Tump and killed one military personnel. In another attack on this day a state informant Dosten was targeted and killed in Washbud area of ​​Panjgur district. Meanwhile, a man Chakar (son of Abdul Wahid) resisted and tried to save the culprit from which he was injured. “We have no enmity with him but no one must try to save traitors because they are equally complicit in Pakistan’s war crimes and Baloch genocide. Dosten (son of Fazal, resident of Washbud), had been a supporter of the Pakistan Army and the local death squad in informing the insurgents and identifying their relatives,” BLF said in its media statement.

05 November 2021
A personnel of so-called Counter Terrorism Department (CTD), Imtiaz was attacked and killed by BLF sarmachaars. CTD is involved in Baloch genocide along with Pakistan Army by staging a new tactic of “Fake Encounter”. For this purpose, police are being recruited in CTD by giving greed. Many Baloch have also been recruited. “We warn all Baloch not to be a part of any Pakistani organization including CTD which is directly involved in the massacre of Baloch. Some people tried to save Imtiaz during the attack. During the scuffle Imtiaz pulled out his pistol and tried to target the Baloch freedom fighters. Imtiaz’s pistol was seized and he was killed.”

On this day BLF snipers killed a Pakistan Army personnel in Jawan Taak area Gichk, district Panjgoor.

07 November 2021
BLF sarmachaars attacked Abdaruk check post of the Pakistan Army at main road in Apsaar Turbat, Kech district. Two army personnel were killed and one was injured in the attack. In another attack BLF snipers killed a Pakistan Army personnel in Jawan Taak area Gichk, district Panjgoor. On this day BLF sarmachaars carried out another attacked at the Alangi check post of Pakistan Army with automatic heavy weapons in Mashkay, district Awaran that inflicted heavy losses to the occupying forces.

13 November  2021
Major Gwahram Baloch, spokesman for the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) paid tribute to Shaheed Shah Mir Baloch. He said that on 13 November in the mountains of Kolwah, the Pakistan Army tried to block the path of the sarmachars. “A clash broke out between the occupying forces and the sarmachars in which the Baloch sarmachar Shah Mir Baloch alias Shay Shapkoli was seriously injured and died on the way to the hospital.” Five enemy soldiers were killed and several others were injured in this clash.

Major Gwahram Baloch said that Shah Mir Baloch alias Shay Shapkoli, resident of Kolwah Shapkol fought valiantly against the occupying army for more than an hour. “Combat helicopters arrived on the scene to assist the Pakistan Army and Shaheed Shah Mir was wounded and managed to escape from the siege of the enemy army. He was being taken for treatment but could not survive and attained martyrdom.”

Major Gahram Baloch said that Shaheed Shay Shapkoli had been associated with the Baloch national movement since 2012 and was the second lieutenant in BLF. “Shaheed Mir Baloch was a very brave fighter. He fought against the enemy army by serving in many areas and on the fronts of Ormara, Kulanch, Balgatar, Awaran, Jhaoo and Kolwah.”

15 November 2021
BLF attacked a Pakistan Army outpost at Kalato area of Jhaoo, district Awaran with rockets and heavy weapons. The occupying army suffered casualties and financial losses.

16 November 2021
A convoy of Pakistan Army vehicles was hit by a remote-controlled bomb in Mikk area of Gichk district Panjgur. A vehicle was destroyed in the attack and all the army personnel in it, were killed and injured.

In another attack on this day at around 5:30 PM BLF sarmachars first killed a Pakistan Army personnel by sniper rifle on a check post in Ganda Dar area of ​​Tump, then hit the check post with LMG and A1 grenade launcher, killing a number of forces at this outpost.

19 November 2021
Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) spokesman Major Gwahram Baloch claimed responsibility for the attack on a Pakistani military construction company, saying that on Friday, 19 November, in the Apsar area of ​​Turbat city, sarmachaars attacked the military construction company Frontier Works Organization’s (FWO) construction site and set fire to machinery and other equipment. “Here the military company is building a road that goes from the main army camp in Turbat to the military camp in Apsar. Construction under Pakistani occupation is an attempt to prolong exploitation and slavery. Baloch people should stay away from them.”

21 November 2021
Attacked a military outpost in Raghai with a sniper rifle in Baloch Abad, Raghai of district Washuk and killed a military personnel. The outpost was attacked with rockets and sophisticated weapons, killing or injuring other personnel.

23 November 2021
Five Pakistan Army personnel were killed in the attack at Tump and weapons were seized. Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) spokesman Major Gwahram Baloch claimed responsibility for the attack on Pakistan Army in Kech district. “At around 5:40 PM on Tuesday, sarmachaars (freedom fighters) attacked a military post in Tumpe Kulaho. Five army personnel at the checkpoint were killed in the attack. Frightened by the intensity of the attack, the other three soldiers fled from a nearby river. After that, the sarmachaars entered the check post, seized all the weapons and set the check post on fire.” Later on other troops arrived from the nearby outposts with the help of armored vehicles, which were also repulsed by the sarmachaars.

28 November 2021
BLF attacked a Pakistani outpost at cinema chowk in Turbat city. One army personnel was killed in this attack.

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