BLF kills 12 Pak soldiers in attacks across Balochistan

Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) offered tributes to Shaheed Qambar and Shaheed Nasir who attained martyrdom fighting for Balochistan's independence from illegal Pakistani occupation. (Photo: News Intervention)
Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) offered tributes to Shaheed Qambar and Shaheed Nasir who attained martyrdom fighting for Balochistan's independence from illegal Pakistani occupation. (Photo: News Intervention)

During October 2021, the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) carried out eleven lethal attacks against the Pakistani forces, in which more than twelve Pakistani soldiers were killed and dozens injured. One attack was carried out on Pakistani military construction company, Frontier Works Organization (FWO). Seven BLF fighters embraced martyrdom defending Balochistan against the occupying forces of Pakistan.

2nd October 2021: On Saturday, Baloch Sarmachaars (freedom fighters) targeted a Pakistani military post at Bazdad Kulli in Kolwah with heavy weapons. Losses occurred to occupying forces.

3rd October 2021: On Sunday, Sarmachaars attacked Pakistan Army check post in GandKaur area of Bazdad Kolwah. It inflicted heavy losses to enemy forces.

5th October 2021: Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) spokesman Major Gahram Baloch paid homage to Shaheed Shayhak alias Nako Talang and said that he and his companions were on a routine patrol in the Nag area of Anjir Kahn, mountains of Kalbar on October 5, 2021 when at 2 PM, Pakistani regime backed Death Squad personnel opened fire on them. Thus began a long and bloody skirmish, in which Sarmachaar Second Lieutenant Shayhak alias Nako Talang fought very bravely and managed to free his comrades from the enemy’s siege. He fought to defend the Baloch land. Meanwhile, the Pakistan Army had also reached out to help the death squad.

Shaheed Shayhak Baloch had been fighting for Balochistan’s independence since 2013. He was also a very brave and a conscious revolutionary young poet. He had served on the fronts of Tump, Dasht, Balgatar, Buleda and Zamuran. With his ability, sincerity, and hard work he was promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant. The Baloch Martyrs’ Mission “Struggle for the independence of Balochistan” will continue.

6th October 2021: A hand grenade was hurled at a Pakistani military post on Turbat Airport Road by Sarmachaars on Wednesday evening. The grenade fell inside the check post, causing casualties to the forces.

9th October 2021: BLF pays tribute to Sarmachaars Asadullah, Aqil Baloch, Sakhi Bakhsh and Pervez Baloch who were martyred in defense of Baloch land in Kolwah.

Spokesman of Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) Major Gwahram Baloch while paying homage to Shaheed Asadullah Baloch, Shaheed Aqil Baloch, Shaheed Sakhi Bakhsh Baloch and Shaheed Pervez Baloch said that they were martyred while fighting bravely with the Pakistan Army in Kolwah.

On October 9, in the Madag Kaur area of ​​Kolwah, the Sarmachaars and the occupying Pakistan Army came face to face, which led to a two-way clash in which the Sarmachaars inflicted heavy blows on the occupying army. In this battle, four BLF fighters were martyred while fighting valiantly for the independence of Balochistan.

Shaheed Asadullah Baloch alias Major Basit Baloch, a resident of Pasni, had been fighting against Pakistani occupation for the independence of Balochistan under BLF since 2011. His brother Sabir Baloch was forcibly disappeared by the Pakistan Army in order to force him to give up his struggle for Balochistan’s independence. When Asadullah Baloch did not come under pressure, the Pakistan Army martyred his brother Sabir in custody in November 2016 and dumped his mutilated body, claiming that he had been killed in an encounter. On March 4, 2016, his mother, Bibi Amna, was wounded by forces’ firing. Major Basit Baloch himself was injured in an attack by the Death Squad on January 3, 2016. Similarly, the Pakistani regime and its Death Squads martyred his three uncles, Lal Bakhsh on October 16, 2016, Yusuf Baloch on March 31, 2016 and Babu on August 11, 2018.

Martyr Major Basit was a talented young Sarmachaar. He was a member of BLF Makran Area Council and held the post of Major. He also wrote poetry in Balochi language. Shaheed Basit Baloch actively participated in the war against Pakistan on different fronts in Kolwah and different areas of Pasni and played a role in the activism of the organization in the said areas.

BLF salutes the Baloch martyrs who attained martyrdom while fighting occupying Pakistan Army. (Photo: News Intervention)
BLF salutes the Baloch martyrs who attained martyrdom while fighting the occupying Pakistan Army. (Photo: News Intervention)

Shaheed Aqil Azab Baloch alias Riaz Baloch, resident of Pasni, was associated with BLF since 2012. He was a lieutenant and a network commander. He has served in various areas of Pasni Kulanch, Kolwah, Balgatar, Zamuran, Gwarkop, and Parom. Shaheed Aqil Jan was also a good poet of Balochi language. Shaheed Abid Sawali is his brother who was martyred by the Pakistan Army in 2013. Similarly, Habib, Hanif and Yusuf from his family were martyred by Pakistan.

Lieutenant Sakhi Bakhsh Hussain son of Muhammad Hussain alias Mureed had been associated with BLF since 2013. Due to his combat skills and leadership skills, he was appointed as a lieutenant in BLF. He has been active against the enemy Pakistani regime on the battlefields of Awaran, Kolwah, Gichk, Keelkaur, Ormara and Balgatar.

Sarmachaar Pervez Mehr alias Malook joined BLF in 2014. He fought bravely in several battles against the enemy at Awaran, Kolwah, Keelkaur and Ormara. BLF extends its heartfelt condolences to the martyred Sarmachaars and vows to continue their national mission till the independence of Balochistan.

13th October 2021: On Wednesday evening, Sarmachaars attacked a Pakistan Army camp in Gaddagi, Baalgatar with snipers, rockets and heavy weapons, killing more than three soldiers and wounding several others.

At the same time, Sarmachaars fired four shells of rocket which fell inside the camp, causing loss of life and property to the Pakistan Army.

In another attack on this day, the Sarmachaars attacked the military construction company between Shand and Dar-e-Cham areas in Mand, working to set up a fence on the border.

A water tanker and bulldozer was set on fire while the drivers were left unharmed as they were civilians.

19th October 2021: On this day at 8 PM, Sarmachaars fired rockets at a military post in Dasht, Perutag area of ​​Kech district. The rocket landed inside the checkpoint, causing casualties to the forces.

In the Cheri Gaddagi area of ​​Baalgatar, Sarmachaars laid a landmine in the way of the enemy army. An army personnel ran on it and was killed in the blast. Another Pakistan Army soldier was killed in a sniper rifle attack on a military post at Talaro in Jhaoo Nondara Tehsil of Awaran district.

20th October 2021: In Kech district, Sarmachaars attacked a military post in Sangistan Kandag area of ​​Mand. Five soldiers were fetching water from a nearby river when they were shot dead by Sarmachaars. Meanwhile, a soldier standing for their security was shot dead as he came out of the front. Pakistani gunship helicopters arrived at the scene to pick up their dead and wounded after the attack.

Baloch sarmachaar (freedom fighter) Shaheed Sheyhak Shah. (Photo: News Intervention)

21st October 2021: A check post set up to protect the mobile phone tower of Zong in the Chot area of ​​Dasht was targeted by rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons. Two occupying Pakistan Army personnel were killed and others were injured when a rocket landed inside the check post. This mobile phone tower is located on the road built for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. The tower was first attacked by sarmachaars who set fire to machinery and other equipment, after which a military outpost has been set up to protect it.

22nd October 2021: Major Gwahram Baloch, spokesman of Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), while paying tribute to the martyrs of Panjgoor, said that there was a skirmish with the state-backed squad. The clash started at 5 AM in the morning and continued till 4:30 PM in the evening. In this clash Lieutenant Qambar Baloch alias Adil and Nasir Baloch alias Sufi fought bravely with the enemy. They killed and wounded several Pakistani personnel. They sacrificed their lives to get other comrades out safely.

Shaheed Qambar had been associated with the BLF since 2012. He was a lieutenant in the organization. Shaheed Nasir Baloch joined the BLF in 2013.

Shaheed Asim alias Naveed was the cousin of BLF’s Shaheed Qambar, who was martyred in 2014. Naeem Jan was also his cousin, who was martyred in 2014. His uncle Dr. Juma was martyred in 2014. His another close relative Qadeer was martyred in 2014.

24th October 2021: Sarmachaars attacked a military camp at Kuddan in the Dasht area of ​​Kech district with rockets and heavy weapons inflicting heavy casualties on the occupying enemy forces.


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