BLF strikes at Pakistan Army, kills two soldiers

(Representative Photo)

The Balochistan Liberation Front in the Ketch district of occupied Balochistan and the Baloch Liberation Army in Bolan have claimed responsibility for the attacks on Pakistani forces.The Balochistan Liberation Front has claimed responsibility for the attack on a Pakistani military convoy in Heronak area of Ketch district.While the BLA has accepted responsibility for killing two military personnel in Bolan.Talking to media from an undisclosed location, Balochistan Liberation Front spokesman Major Gharam Baloch confirmed.The militants attacked a Pakistani army convoy with rockets and heavy weapons at 12.30 p.m. in Heronak area of Ketch district on 2 July .Two land cruises and a Vigo vehicle in the enemy army convoy were hit by a severe attack, killing and injuring several officers.He said two children were injured in a passing passenger vehicle when the defeated army opened indiscriminate fire after the attack.The spokesman said that it was during this time that the enemy army gunship helicopters arrived.Gunship helicopters with air strikes in nearby areas tried to chase the freedom fighters but after the successful attack, they safely reached their safe places.Baloch Liberation Army spokesman Jayned Baloch said in a statement to the media that BLA freedom fighters targeted a Pakistani army post occupying the Talkari site in Nodaghar area of Bolan in an attack.He said that BLA fighters attacked the post with rockets and other heavy weapons from different sides, killing two enemy army personnel and injuring several others.

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