Pakistan murders Saqib Baloch in Azerbaijan

Saqib Baloch (Photo: Social Media)

Saqib Kareem a 23 year old resident of Washq, Basima district of occupied Balochistan , who had taken asylum in Azerbaijan for the past several years, has been recovered from the sea of Baku city last evening.

According to local police sources, he reportedly died of drowning by falling into the sea.Sources say Saqib Kareem was living alone in Baku.The incident was reported to his younger brother last night through a text message.Saqib Kareem was the brother of martyrs Tariq Karim and Asim Karim. The Tariq brothers were forcibly abducted by Pak forces and were martyred during detention and their  mutilated bodies were later thrown.

In addition, other members of the same family have also been martyred by military operations and forced abduction by Pak forces.Saqib had left the country many years ago to avoid state repression.He had gone to Azerbaijan and had sought political asylum after spending the early years in the Gulf.This is not the first case of such death of a Baloch refugee abroad.Earlier also, the bodies of Baloch journalist Sajid Hussain and political leader Bank Karima Baloch have been recovered from the rivers.

Saqib Karim’s family doubt that he could have been killed.

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