BLM condemns military aggression in Bolan

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The spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement condemned the military aggression in different areas of Bolan and said that Pakistan was taking the Baloch genocide to a new level. The killing of people had been continuing unabatedly in the length and breadth of Balochistan. Human rights were brazenly flaunted in those military operations.

The spokesperson confirmed that dozens of men, women and children had been detained and forcibly disappeared in an ongoing military operation in Bolan.

Zargul Marri, Hanifa Marri, Dur Khatun Marri, Mahsu Samalani, Gul Bibi Samalani, Samu Samalani, Zarbakht Samalani, Bani Samalani, Sameeda Samalani, Farida Samalani, Raji Samalani had for four years been forcibly disappeared. Rakhia Samalani’s wife Mhana Samalani and their Son Kalim Samalani were among those who had been forcibly disappeared in the recent operation.

He said that “During this military aggression, the mutilated body of ‘Mohammed Ghaus Marri’ was found at Saffari near Sangan on November 4, who had been forcibly missing and was in the custody of the Pakistan army since September last year (2021).”  

He said that the Bolan operation is part of the ongoing collective punishment against the Baloch nation. Pakistan army has turned the Baloch homeland into a Nazi-style concentration camp and is clearly violating the laws of war. In the ongoing operations, women and children are being brutalized collectively. Prior to the Bolan operation, the Ghichk area of Panjgur was completely converted into a concentration camp by the Pakistan Army where it has been made mandatory to take permission from the army for normal transportation and by limiting the ration of the residents, they had been banned from buying more than the prescribed limit.

The spokesperson said that collective punishment shows the failure and cowardice of Pakistan against Baloch Freedom fighters and that whenever the Pakistan army is defeated on every front, it takes revenge from the unarmed people.

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