Pak’s brutal operations continue across Balochistan: Mama Qadeer

Mama Qadeer Baloch VBMP Vice Chairman ( Photo: NI)

It has been 4811 days since the hunger strike camp of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons in front of Quetta Press Club, the capital of occupied Balochistan. The camp recently was visited by political and social workers Noor Ahmed Deepal, Aziz Ahmed and Deen Muhammad Baloch who expressed their solidarity with the families of the missing Baloch persons.

On this occasion, VBMP Vice Chairman Mama Qadeer Baloch said that the brutality of the state in Balochistan is continuing with all its horror. The bloody military operation in Bolan since October 29, 2022 has been going on where many Baloch women and children have been illegally detained and forcibly disappeared. Mama Qadeer further said that Baloch youths are martyred in torture cell of the state institution and their dead bodies are thrown away and are easily called fake encounter. The peaceful politics of real nationalism in Balochistan are also restricted by the state. Balochs  are picked up and forcibly disappeared or killed for being vociferous.

He further said that the illegal detention of Baloch women, girls and children in Bolan has been for more than 48 hours but there is no news of them till now.  Similarly, in Sangan the bloody operation continued for the sixth day, where many houses have also been burnt, people’s property and livestock have been damaged while transportation is completely banned, land communication has been cut off from the area where the army has brutally attacked. He said that people’s lives have been made impossible, the Pakistani army has crossed all limits of cruelty this time with the help of gunship helicopters and drones.

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