BNM protests in Germany to commemorate 27th March as “Black Day”

BNM Germany chapter protest
BNM protest in Germany (Photo: News Intervention)

Baloch National Movement Germany Chapter celebrated March 27 as Black Day and took out a protest rally in Hanover. This rally and protest was in accordance with the day on 27 March, 1948, when the Pakistan Army attacked and forcibly annexed Balochistan to Pakistan. Since then, the people of Balochistan have been rejecting Pakistan and resisting the Pakistani occupation.

On this occasion, the participants distributed pamphlets and informed people about the historical background as well as the ongoing Pakistani atrocities in Balochistan.

Baloch National Movement Germany Chapter President Asghar Ali addressed the audience and said that ‘raising voice against slavery is our national duty. Pakistan occupied Balochistan on March 27, 1948, after which the Baloch faced untold suffering’.

He addressed the Baloch living in Germany that this protest in Germany is not only an expression of solidarity with the Baloch living in the homeland but also helps to move forward as a community. It connects and unites Balochistan and its people.He said, ‘we have to come out of the four walls of our homes and merge into the wider unity of national unity to get rid of the slavery we have been facing for the last 75 years’.

Samal Baloch, Vice President of BNM Germany Chapter, said that the Baloch nation has been subjected to extreme violence, oppression and marginalization by the Pakistani authorities for decades.He said that since the occupation of Balochistan in 1948, Pakistan has adopted the policy of subjugating the Baloch people. The Baloch are deprived of health and education and the Pakistani authorities are conducting a brutal campaign of violence against them.

He stressed that the Baloch people have the right to self-determination and independence according to the United Nations Charter. The Pakistani government should respect this, and it is the responsibility of international organizations to protect the rights of the Baloch people against Pakistani colonialism. Respect self-determination.

BNM member Shali Dad said that the people of Balochistan are traumatized by the unspeakable pain and torture inflicted on them by the Pak Army and intelligence agencies.

He said that during these 75 years of slavery, thousands of families have been ruined. Pakistani forces have forced thousands of people to disappear, which is a nightmare in Baloch society. The biggest thing is that the international and Pakistani media have turned a blind eye to the grievances of the people of Balochistan.

Ahmed Baloch, another associate of BNM, said that Baloch people celebrate March 27 as Black Day. This is the day when a civilized independent state of Balochistan was occupied by Pak Army through illegal and forced annexation. He said that 75 years of slavery has seen the blood of thousands of Baloch people, 75 years of slavery could not subjugate the Baloch nation or stop it from the dream of achieving independent Balochistan.

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