BNM Netherlands observe Baloch Black Day

black day for balochistan
BNM protests in Netherlands (Photo: Social Media)

On the occasion of the Black Day against the forced occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan on 27 March a protest demonstration and rally was held in the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands by the Baloch National Movement Netherlands. The participants of the rally were held placards and banners against the forced occupation of Balochistan, on which various slogans were written. The participants of the demonstration raised slogans against the right to freedom of Balochistan and against forced occupation. Pamphlets were also distributed in which the local people were informed about the situation in Balochistan.

Addressing the protestors, Nabil Baloch said that 27 March is remembered as the Baloch Black Day, because 75 years ago, on March 27, 1948, the Pakistani state occupied Balochistan.Every day after that day is a black day for Baloch people and will remain so until Balochistan is freed he said. He further added ‘In these 75 years, Pakistan’s Army has tried all kinds of tactics, martyred our brothers, forced disappearance of our youth, committed all kinds of violence … .Today, the Baloch people are looking at the United Nations, which has closed its eyes to the worst violation of human rights in Balochistan and has remained a silent spectator to Pakistan’s oppression of the Baloch people. That is why we are here today.We want to send a message to the Pakistani state that the more oppression and repression you do, the more intense the independence movement of Balochistan will become’.

Jamal Baloch, a member of BNM Netherlands, said that for years, the Baloch nation has been a victim of Pakistani military brutality and thousands of people have been forcibly disappeared and martyred. While thousands of mutilated bodies have been thrown. European countries and the United Nations should take notice of the Baloch genocide in Balochistan.

Badria Murad Baloch while speaking said that cruelty and brutality is not only happening in Balochistan today, but this cruelty started on the day Pakistan forcibly occupied Balochistan and deprived all human rights. Pakistani Army is uncivilized which tortures Baloch children, women and elders as well, which is the worst form of cruelty to humanity. Badria further said ‘send a message to the world that Baloch is a nation with its own identity, its own land and its own culture. We have not accepted state slavery before and we will not do so in the future’.

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