‘Pak backed CTD authorities conducted media trial of Mahal Baloch’, Quetta conference

mahal baloch framed by Pak authorities
Press conference in Quetta by family of Mahal Baloch (Photo: News Intervention)

Pari Gul Baloch, along with the leader of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, Mama Qadeer Baloch and others, said in a recent press conference held in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan, that her family has been affected by oppression of the Pak military operations and other methods for the past seven years. Their home in Gomazi was burnt down in a Pak military operation and later they were forced to move out of the area.

Nand Pari Gul Baloch, sister of Mahal Baloch said that for the past many years, they have been raising my voice against the violations of human rights in Balochistan as a social worker, which is the right given by the constitution and laws of Pakistan.She said that they had to pay a price for this as last month, her sister Mahal Baloch, along with her two young daughters, her mother were arrested from their house in Satellite Town.The next day, except Mahal, the others were left in a desert.

Pari Gul Baloch said ‘that we have already made it clear through the media that Mahal Baloch was forcibly disappeared from her home, the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) arrested her at Ladies Park in Satellite Town’.

She further said ‘that we had postponed our protest sit-in against the kidnapping-like arrest of Mahal Baloch on the basis of trust in the law, where the authorities assured us that justice will be provided to Mahal under the law. It has been over a period of time, but in all this time, she was handed over to the police on remand for the fifth time, while her condition was worry-some at the time of court appearance’.

She said that after the remand Balochistan government and Pak backed (CTD) authorities conducted a media trial of Mahal in which she was declared guilty of violation of law and social media was also used for this.Pari Baloch further said that CTD’s inclusion of her name along with my sister Bibi Gill’s name in the said press conference is a continuation of atrocities on our family.

Addressing the journalists, she said, ‘With your cooperation, we want to convey our message to the higher authorities, judiciary, political parties, including regional and international human rights organizations to fulfil the demands of justice in the case of Mahal Baloch’s abduction. Instead of trying to stop our family from raising our voice, we are being harassed in various ways to stop raising our voice about human rights violations in Balochistan’.

Pari Gill said that Mahal Baloch, who is in custody is being tortured and forced to release a video statement, which has no legal status.

She said,’however, we are ready to fight a legal battle and our efforts will continue until Mahal’s recovery’.

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