‘A forced & scripted confession was recorded from Mahal Baloch’, Mama Qadeer

Mahal Baloch tortured
Mahal Baloch with her children (Photo: News Intervention)

In Quetta, the capital of POB, a hunger strike camp of VBMP continues in front of the Quetta Press Club for the recovery of Baloch forcibly disappeared persons. The camp has reached 4990 days where both male and female political and social workers belonging to different walks of life have participated in the hunger strike.

On this occasion, VBMP Vice Chairman Mama Qadeer Baloch said that Pakistan’s tactics have been exposed, ‘an innocent Baloch girl Mahal Baloch has been suffering torture in the state prison for over a month. What kind of violence is being done? He said that they held a press conference with the family of Mahal Baloch in the past few days, in which her family said that they are facing severe pressure from the state institutions. Mama Qadeer said that if the courts are not able to prove anything against Mahal then clearly CTD is resorting to lies and forcing them to confess, which comes under the category of state coercion. Mahal Baloch was taken on physical remand three times continuously.

Mama Qadir Baloch further said that the state institutions have been using different tactics to prevent people from raising their voice against the state oppression, forcibly disappearing people, killing them and throwing their bodies in the deserts, beating up their families and using different methods. He said that ‘the state is worried about our continuous struggle for peace for thirteen years, that’s why they are taking our names, even though our struggle is peaceful, democratic and clear. And they are unsuccessfully trying to sabotage the peace struggle of Baloch through parliamentarians, but this struggle is a great struggle of thousands of forcibly disappeared persons and martyrs. Thus it is impossible to end it’.

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