Pakistan bans history books in POJK

history book shops closed
Books shops selling history books of Kashmir either closed or levied fines by Paki regime (Photo: News Intervention)

History books of Jammu and Kashmir have been banned in Pakistan Occupied Jammu & Kashmir and book depot owners have been fined.

The local residents have called the process of banning history books of Jammu and Kashmir state, sealing bookstores and imposing fines on shopkeepers as very shameful and a clear violation of basic human rights, freedom of speech and writing.Efforts to stop the sale of books providing information about the Kashmiri state under the pressure of the foreign occupier, Pakistan is an act of anti-state and a part of the conspiracy against the interests and future of the two and a half million residents of the state.

The residents ask as to how long will the administration of the state continue to be a part of the process of prolonging the illegal occupation by going against the state’s interests? People of different schools of thought said that the occupier condemns these cruel and basic human rights plots to distort the history, identity and culture of Kashmir and divide it on a permanent basis. It is the basic right of every citizen to know about the history and past, present and future of their state.

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