‘Pakistan:End arbitrary detention of Mahal Baloch’, Amnesty International

Amnesty International demands justice for Mahal Baloch
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Amnesty International has demanded the Pakistani authorities to immediately release Mahal Baloch in accordance with international human rights law.

Amnesty International wrote in its letter to the Pakistani Interior Minister that it is extremely concerned for the security of Mahal Baloch.’We are writing this letter to you out of concern, a 28-year-old Baloch woman has been forcibly detained by the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) from Quetta for more than a month without any charge. It is tantamount to deny civil and human rights’, the letter said.According to the text of the letter, keeping Mahal Baloch in prison for a long time without proving her guilt is a violation of international human rights.

Mahal Baloch, was forcibly disappeared from Quetta last month after the forces raided Mahal Baloch’s house in Quetta and detained her along with the children and other women of the house and kept her in custody for several hours. She was held on physical remand for 7 days, which is a violation of fair trial protections enshrined in international human rights law. The Amnesty letter states that Mahal was produced in court four times without being charged, the CTD requested an extension of her remand, which is illegal and shows the CTD’s arbitrariness, until the authorities prove the allegations against Mahal Baloch that her detention is in violation of international human rights law. She should be released and given a chance for a fair trial.

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