POGB leader arrested for protesting against illegal land grab by Pakistan military construction company (FWO)

land grab in POGB
Asif Sakhi being arrested and taken away by Pakistani forces (Photo: News Intervention)

In Pakistan-occupied Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistani forces arrested a local leader and booked several others for speaking out against FWO, a Pakistani military construction company.

According to reports, the Pakistan Military Construction Company (FWO) in Hunza is occupying land in various areas and putting up its signboards, against which the local leaders are strongly protesting and they pulled down several signboards.
Former Awami Workers Party ticket holder Sakhi Asif and ex-MLA candidate was arrested by the forces, after which the people staged a dharna in front of the police station in Hunza Gochal.Reports are that a FIR has been filed against several individuals by the Pak Army’s military construction company FWO.

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