Mahal Baloch presented in court, handed over to CTD on further remand

mahal baloch brought in front of court
Mahal Baloch (Photo: News Intervention)

Mahal Baloch, a Baloch woman who had disappeared from Quetta, the capital of Occupied Balochistan on 18 February and was later arrested by CTD, was presented in the Main Sessions Court.She was presented in an emaciated condition.On the request of Police CTD, the court ordered for additional 10 days of physical remand. In the meantime, the family can visit her every 3 days in police custody.It should be noted that last month Mahal Baloch was abducted by the Pakistani forces in a raid at her house from Quetta. Later, after a strong reaction from the public, the forces revealed the arrest of Mahal Baloch by CDT.
On the forced disappearance of Mahal Baloch, political activists living in other countries, including Balochistan, are expressing outrage over the incident. Demonstrations have also been held in Germany and the Netherlands, including Balochistan.

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