Pakistani regime abducts 3 Baloch from Quetta

baloch youth abducted
A march from Quetta in Balochistan to the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, in late 2013 to highlight the plight of the missing (Photo: Social Media)

Three youths have been forcibly disappeared from Quetta, the capital of Occupied Balochistan and from Kech district.

On Wednesday, a resident student of Nawan village from Quetta did not return from home for school.His family and relatives along with the local residents, tribal leaders and elders Muhammad Naeem Khan Khalji, Noor Khan Khalji, Muhammad Sharif Khalji, Muhammad Yar Khalji under the leadership of Wazir Khan Khalji, protested by blocking the airport road.

The police and the administration assured the protestors that information will be given regarding the full details of the youth within 48 hours.SP Airport Adeel Akbar Gujjar and AC City held talks with the protestors.

On the other hand, Pakistani forces have forcibly disappeared two people from Kech district and transferred them to an unknown location.The missing youths have been identified as Waju son of Wahab and Hasim son of Shafi Muhammad. They have been detained by the forces while they were on their way to Guam.

According to the sources, the two mentioned youths are close relatives and associated with oil business and and they were detained when they were going to the owner to collect money.

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