Pakistan restricts the movement of Afgan refugees in the country

afghan refugees
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Pakistan has made a new policy for Afghan refugees.They have decided to ban the transfer and movement of Afghans.According to sources, Afghan refugees will not be able to move anywhere freely and the movement of Afghan refugees will be subject to registration in police stations. Entry from city to another will be required now. While Afghan residents have to inform the concerned police station first. Sources further said that it has been made mandatory for Afghan residents to inform the police station about their purpose and address of going to the new city. The purpose of going to another city and the address they will be visiting will also have to be shared with the police station.For this purpose separate centres will be made inside each police station.The Afghans and refuges will have to return on the expiry of their visas or residence permits.

Moreover, few days back Pakistan UNHCR had issued an advertisement for voluntary repatriation of Afghan refugees from Pakistan to their countries.As per the UNHCR policy, upon voluntary repatriation one member of each family will get $ 350.

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