Student leader of POJK forcibly arrested from Muzaffarabad by Pak forces

POJK leader arrested
Khawaja Mujtaba Bande (Photo: News Intervention)

Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation Central Secretary General Khawaja Mujtaba Bande, currently lodged in Muzaffarabad police station was arrested by Pakistani forces. He is a student of Muzaffarabad University. He was arrested by the Muzaffarabad administration along with his colleagues from the university gate on 25 March. He was arrested for expressing freedom against the Pakistani occupation, including the rights of students.The Jammu and Kashmir National Students Federation has said that after the unjustified arrest, a baseless and false FIR was put against them and they are being subjected to torture inside the police station in addition to this FIR.According to reports, Mujtaba has suffered a fracture in his arm

The National Students Federation believes that efforts are being made to torture the political activists who talk about freedom of Kashmir from Pakistan in the capital Muzaffarabad through various tactics. Khawaja Mujtaba Bande has also been booked for baseless cases and threatened with torture and death.

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