Decisions of Pakistani courts will now be applicable in POJK

Pakistani courts set to dominate POJK
Newspaper Daily Khabrain (Photo: News Intervention)

Pakistani newspaper Daily Khabrain has claimed that according to a new notification, the decisions of Pakistani courts will now be applicable in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir as well. This news is an indication of the complete occupation of Muzaffarabad by Pakistan. Under the 1974 Act, Muzaffarabad has its own High Court and Supreme Court and in so-called Azad Kashmir, only the decisions of its own courts were applicable.

As per the Act of 1974, Azad Kashmir is a separate state with its own president, prime minister and courts, but now Pakistan wants to gradually gain full control over Muzaffarabad and Gilgit. Thus in 2020, an attempt was made to make Gilgit-Baltistan a province.In 2022, an attempt was made to bring the 15th constitutional amendment in Muzaffarabad, but after public protests, Islamabad failed to do so. But now once again Islamabad is trying to completely capture Muzaffarabad. For the last two days, Kashmiri residents have recorded a protest on social media against this action taken by Pakistan.Through social media, the people of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir have appealed to the world to intervene and stop Pakistan and the local population is strongly protesting this implementation.

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