BNM rejects elections in Pak-occupied-Balochistan as forced and illegitimate

Baloch National Movement (BNM) Chairman Declares Voter Boycott
Dr. Naseem Baloch (Photo - X)

In a bold statement, Dr. Naseem Baloch, the chairman of the Baloch National Movement, has declared that the Baloch people have rejected the recent Pakistan elections, expressing their strong desire for Baloch national freedom. Despite facing the dominance of Pakistan’s Army, political machinery, “establishment’s” apparatus, and puppet parliamentary groups, the Baloch populace has chosen to boycott the elections, sending a clear message to Pakistan and the global community that they refuse to participate in the forced and illegitimate electoral processes.

Dr. Naseem Baloch emphasized that the elections in Pakistan are seen as futile exercises and mockery by the Baloch people. Throughout Pakistan’s history, there has not been a single election that participants trusted. He pointed out that most elections are engineered for the Army’s objectives, and in Balochistan, it is extremely challenging for anyone to get elected without the Army’s approval.

BNM Chairman

Notably, individuals chosen under the pretext of elections in Pak-occupied-Balochistan are believed to serve Pak Army’s purposes, including completing their objectives, suppressing national resources, concealing their crimes, and providing a political face to the Pak “establishment”.

Furthermore, the chairman highlighted the Baloch people’s decision not to participate in the Pak Army’s elections, citing their extensive experience with the system. The Baloch freedom parties boycotted the nameless elections in 2013, making a clear choice in favor of freedom. This decision posed an equal challenge for parliamentary parties assisting in maintaining Pakistan’s grip over Pak-occupied-Balochistan.

Dr. Naseem Baloch underlined that Balochistan has effectively been transformed into an Army’s camp and a vast prison by the Pakistan Army. Despite this, the Baloch people have demonstrated remarkable courage. Baloch men and women have been observed bravely protesting at polling stations, halting the fraudulent electoral process, and demanding justice for those held in Pak Army’s torture cells.

Mockery Elections

Rejecting Pakistan’s elections is considered by Dr. Naseem Baloch as another referendum by the Baloch people against Army’s forceful occupation. He stated that the Baloch people are facing a bloodthirsty enemy, and have demonstrated unwavering courage and determination.

Dr. Naseem Baloch urged parliamentary parties to acknowledge the reality of the Baloch people’s rejection of the Pak Army’s electoral process. He urged them to cease being obstacles in the path of Baloch national freedom and to realize that participating in the history of Army’s crimes would forever leave them embarrassed in the courts of Baloch justice.

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