Assailants vandalise multiple Hindu temples in Bangladesh

Hindu temples vandalised in Sitakunda, Bangladesh
Hindu deity vandalised in Sitakunda, Bangladesh (Photo: X)

In a distressing turn of events, a series of attacks by unidentified assailants, have targeted historic Hindu temples in Sitakunda, Bangladesh. The assaults occurred during the night of February 9, resulting in the demolition of seven temples, each with significant cultural and religious importance.

The targeted temples include the revered Sitakunda Mahateertha Chandranath Mandir, where Hanuman vigraha was forcibly removed from the temple and discarded into the forest.

The Trinath Murti within the Trinath Mandir was also smashed, while the Annapoorna Mandir suffered complete destruction. Furthermore, a Jagannatha Mandir and several other unidentified temples and vigrahas were targeted and vandalised by the attackers, who left a trail of devastation.

The attacks have sparked outrage among the community, as many express their condemnation and call for swift action against those responsible. The assaults on these centuries-old temples raise questions about the safety of religious sites and the need for enhanced security measures to protect cultural heritage.

With due consideration, Sitakunda is refered to as “Mahateerth” (A great pilgrimage site) and is one of the most sacred Hindu temples in Bangladesh. The incidents highlights the lack of protection and vulnerability of Hindus in highly radicalised Islamic Society like Bangladesh.

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