BNM releases report about Pak atrocities in Balochistan

Women protest against Pakistan's atrocities in Balochistan. (File Photo)
Women protest against Pakistan's atrocities in Balochistan. (File Photo)

Baloch National Movement (BNM) has published its monthly report regarding human rights situation in Balochistan for the month of December 2019. While presenting the report, Central Information Secretary Dil Murad Baloch stated, “The last month of 2019 also ended with continued state barbarism. This month the Pakistani security forces carried out 50 military operations and raids. During these raids these security forces looted more than 100 houses and 71 civilians were forcibly disappeared. Also 7 dead bodies were found and among the dead one lost his life due to indiscriminate police firing. One was murdered by the state-sponsored death squad members presumably while resisting burglary or enforced disappearances; two other embraced martyrdom at the hands of security forces. The death causes of three other dead bodies remain unknown.”

Dil Murad Baloch

Dil Murad Baloch further stated that 15 people had been released from the torture cells run by the Pakistani security forces. Among them, two had been kidnapped in 2018 and the rest 13 persons had been abducted in 2019 between the months of June and December. He added, “…along with the establishment of three new check posts in the month of December, Pakistan Army carried out a severe level of operations in the areas of Jahoo, Awaran, Kech and in the vicinity of Bolan.”

Dil Murad Baloch reiterated, “Not only the frightening darkness of slavery continues in Balochistan but it is also witnessing a constant rise. In this month the foot soldiers had the support of the gunship helicopters in all their military operations. In Balochistan, the meaning of the Pakistan military operation is all-out destruction. Wherever the military storms, the torture, shifting people into military torture cells, looting and burning of the houses becomes a part and parcel.”

He further explained that for the last several years Baloch National Movement has been collecting data about Pakistani atrocities and war crimes and sharing them with the world. “The basic purpose of this is to inform the world about the gross human rights violations by Pakistan across the length and breadth of Balochistan. The world should see the true face of the Pakistan Army which has carried out the massacre of 3 million civilians in Bangladesh and dishonored hundreds of thousands of women. Today Pakistan Army is repeating the same in Balochistan. It seems that the world cares more about their interests than the blood spilled of other human beings. Otherwise, Pakistan would have been held accountable for committing war crimes in Balochistan on the ground of these given statistics.”

“The ongoing humanitarian crisis in Balochistan and the spilling of blood of innocent Baloch people is questioning the world as to when would the world’s soul wake up from its deep slumber?” Dil Murad Baloch asked emphatically. “The Pakistan Army and its intelligence agencies are killing people on a daily basis. In such a state the silence of the international community is questionable. We believe the indifference of the world is one of the factors contributing to the genocide of Baloch people. If the international community and international human rights organizations knew their responsibilities and took practical action against Pakistan then the young and elders in Balochistan would not be murdered with such impunity by Pakistani security forces.

“We request the United Nations, international community, human rights organizations, and international media to come forward to save the wailing soul of humanity in Balochistan. The delay and negligence of these organizations from their responsibilities is the reason which is adding to the difficulties of the Baloch nation,” the Central Information Secretary of Baloch National Movement Dil Murad Baloch appealed to the world. 

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