BNM revamps leadership, Dr Naseem Baloch is chairman, Dil Murad secretary general

Dr Naseem Baloch, chairman Baloch National Movement (BNM).

The 10th  National Council Session of Baloch National Movement named after Shaheed Dr. Manan Baloch and martyrs of Balochistan was successfully conducted. The party elections resulted in the election of a new cabinet and members of the Central Committee. The newly elected cabinet comprises of Dr. Naseem Baloch Chairman, Dr. Jalal Baloch Senior Vice Chairman, Babul Latif Baloch Junior Vice Chairman, Dil Murad Baloch Secretary General, Kamal Baloch Senior Joint Secretary, Hassan Dost Junior Joint Secretary, Nasir Baloch Finance Secretary, Qazi Dad Muhammad Rehan Information and Culture Secretary, Master Zafar Baloch Welfare Secretary, Hammal Haider Foreign Secretary and Nazir Noor Human Rights Secretary.

The members of the Cabinet and Central Committee of Baloch National Movement (BNM) will carry out the responsibilities assigned by the National Council Session for the next four years.

The BNM National Council session was attended by 79 councillors from all districts of Balochistan and overseas, who elected the BNM National Council. The BNM National Council was chaired by party chairman Khalil Baloch where the party’s constitution, party affairs and future strategy, review of the local, regional and international situation and the party’s past performance on the principle of self-criticism, positive and negative aspects were discussed.

The convening of the 10th National Council session under the chairmanship of chairman Khalil Baloch in these critical circumstances of Balochistan and the subsequent election of a new leadership is an important milestone for the party. The party worker played a great role in this success, but former chairman of the party Khalil Baloch played the biggest role who ensured the participation of councillors from all over Balochistan even in these unfavourable conditions.

The newly elected cabinet pledges to the party and the Baloch nation that BNM will be strengthened on  institutional basis in the light of the decisions of the National Council session. For the greater national interest, despite the presence of difference of opinions with other organisations, concrete efforts will be initiated for the restoration of relationship and for a joint struggle for the freedom of Balochistan. It is part of the BNM’s manifesto to keep all Baloch forces in one direction in line with national aspirations while maintaining a balance between unity and organization. The BNM leaders have made practical efforts in the past which will continue to expand it further.


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