Balochistan terms Naila Qadri’s ‘government-in-exile’ as hoax

Naila Qadri had announced the formation of Balochistan's government-in-exile. Baloch people have rejected Qadri's stunt.

Balochistan has rejected Naila Qadri’s mischievous propaganda to create a government-in-exile and mislead gullible people around the world about Balochistan’s independence struggle against Pakistan. The Baloch National Movement (BNM) denied any affiliation to Naila Qadri’s ‘government-in-exile’ and termed it as hoax government.

“While forming any exile government, it is important to include all stakeholders ‘parties and organizations and there need to be a unanimous agreement among them. No individual or organization in its personal capacity, including BNM, has the right to announce the establishment of the government-in-exile of Balochistan and claim to be the ‘self-proclaimed Prime Minister,” said the spokesperson for Baloch National Movement (BNM). “…therefore, it is vital to make this clear to tell the Baloch nation and the world that this so-called government and its so-called prime minister do not have the confidence of BNM,” clarified the BNM spokesperson. He further added that BNM has always held the position that the organizations associated with the freedom movement in Balochistan are the true heirs of Baloch movement and all national level decisions should be taken through mutual consent.

“Without the will of Baloch independence armed forces and peaceful organizations, any decision regarding the Baloch movement and the future of Balochistan will have no status among the Baloch people. And so there is no principled, political and democratic standing of this so-called exile government.”

The Baloch National Movement (BNM) is the largest political movement in Pakistan-occupied Balochistan that reflects the will of common Baloch. The clarification was issued when several media groups and social media activists started talking about Balochistan’s government-in-exile led by one Naila Qadri.

The BNM spokesperson said that it was part of their party’s manifesto and policy that they would take all freedom-loving forces on board. “That is why we are in close contact with the leadership of all political parties. In future if there is a need of such a government that needs to be formed in exile, then that decision would not be of any individual, nor of any organization, but a joint decision would also be announced from a common platform.”

“We request our neighboring countries and sympathetic organizations that if they want to help the Baloch nation, they should not spend their resources and strength on ‘individuals’ but give importance to institutions and expect that the world will build relations with the real political representatives of Balochistan instead of artificial self-proclaimed leader,” the BNM spokesperson clarified.

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