Protests across POK against rise in food and fuel prices

POK protest against food and fuel hike (Photo: News Intervention)

In view of the alarming situation of taxes imposed on electricity, especially fuel adjustment tax, load shedding, violations of rights, quota cut, malnutrition crisis,a protest began with huge public participation in POK. The campaign was carried out with hundreds of campaigners in more than a dozen places like Nakyal Padwah Chowk, Milad Chowk, Banala Road, Mujahan Road, Mohra Adda, Pir Kalingar Adda, Market, Chowk. The aim was to organize and mobilize the people so as to avoid economic exploitation; to awaken the ruling class and draw attention to the situation of blocked drains and wells and the dilapidated state of Chowk to Pir Kalingar Road. Drums were used to attribute to the awareness and the protest was a slap on the faces of the ruling class and the authorities.

Speaking on this occasion, speakers Shah Nawaz Ali Sher (High Court advocate), Chacha Shafiq Kashmiri, advocate Sardar Jawad Anwar Khan, Chaudhry Abdul Aziz Jarvi, Mujeeb Alam Chaudhry, Ejaz Chubb, Chaudhry Sadaqat Baghi, Usman Ali, Naveed Ahmed and others said  that all the hydroelectric power was generated from the region and all they needed was just 250 megawatts of domestic electricity from the generated electricity.  They said that they were  also paying the bill of a few hundred units in the form of fiscal adjustment tax and other taxes of more than Rs. 55,000. They complained of injustice done to the people of POK and warned that soon people would burn local trains instead of submitting unjust sky rocketing electricity bills.  They even warned that they would soon announce civil disobedience movement. They said that they were being denied their basic human rights and  that they were being treated unjustly.


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  2. […] in the accession of Pakistan and to keep the idea of accession of Pakistan as the objective. Further, the privileges and looting by the ruling elite have continued by collecting unnecessary taxes…y bills.Taxes collected in all other heads have not yet provided any basic facilities and employment […]

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