POK Kashmiris reject Pakistan’s proposal

People in POK refuse to accept the All Parties conference declaration (Photo: News Intervention)

In Islamabad, the all Parties Conference on Occupied Kashmir  unanimously decided that the 13th  amendment to the Interim Constitution Act 74 imposed by the State of Pakistan is in accordance with the public aspirations and that no attempt to take away the powers conferred by this amendment will be accepted.

However,it should be remembered, that as a result of the 13th Amendment, the establishment and congregation of any political party, organization, group that does not believe in Pakistan’s accession in this region has been declared illegal.In order to register a political party, it has been declared necessary to submit an affidavit of belief in the accession of Pakistan and to keep the idea of accession of Pakistan as the objective. Further, the privileges and looting by the ruling elite have continued by collecting unnecessary taxes on electricity bills.Taxes collected in all other heads have not yet provided any basic facilities and employment to the people of the region, which clearly shows that this amendment is only  financially beneficial to the local ruling elite.As a result of the same amendment, the non-sectarian role of this government has been abolished as per the Declaration of 24 October.As far as legislative powers are concerned, according to this amendment, the power to legislate on 32 out of 54 subjects has been given directly to the Prime Minister of Pakistan.While 22 subjects can be legislated by the local assembly but only after the prior consent or approval of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. After this came to light, there has been a strong reaction from the pro-freedom leaders of occupied Kashmir.According to them,the decision makers of occupied Kashmir in Islamabad are actually supporting Pakistan in keeping  the people of POK as slaves, which has angered the people and protests have erupted in POK.

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