Pakistan has plundered POK in the name of development

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The reason cited behind the occupation of Kashmir by Pakistan is for development and prosperity but in reality the land of Kashmir and it’s people have been plundered for decades by the occupying countries. Right from natural resources to people, Pakistan is using it only for it’s own benefit.

In this way, Pakistan has made Kashmir it’s colony, which can be gauged from the fact that the people of Kashmir have not only been alienated from their history but also their production, culture and skills that have been wiped out. This is the worst game of usurper where a place is alienated from their history, skills and identity in order to enslave them. These are the wars that have stopped Kashmiris from fighting for their independence and identity. Even now the people of Kashmir are unaware of their rights.

The dams built in Kashmir can generate so much electricity that no corner of Kashmir could ever be plunged into darkness. The skill of Kashmiris in shawl weaving and carpet weaving is second to none in the world. Kashmiri handicrafts have been recognizing Kashmir globally. The rights of the people of Kashmir was always taken away from them and they were forced to live a life of helplessness and poverty by keeping them away from their resources. There is no effective system of education or health, people are forced to live a life of apathy. The electricity that is generated many times more than they need is in Islamabad, Karachi. Kashmir’s own areas are plunged into darkness. Dams are being built in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, but there is still a power outage. In Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, the electricity generated in Mangla Dam is high, but here the electricity in cities stays not more than twelve to fifteen hours and in villages it is not more than one or two hours. The electricity generated in Mangla is used in Karachi instead. Fortunately two more new dams are being built in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir which are being built solely and exclusively for Pakistan to overcome its power crisis. So Pakistan and India are making such plans inside Kashmir so that it will make Kashmir prosperous but in reality the only goal of Pakistan is to strengthen the roots of its rule inside Kashmir so that tomorrow they can control Kashmir. The Kashmiri people must now realize that the occupier has exploited the Kashmiri people in every possible way in the last 70 years, not only because of the political, social, economic and cultural crisis but also made them victims and kept them so low that the people of Kashmir today are not aware of their rights nor their own.

The reason for the backwardness of the people of Kashmir is simply that the occupying power has been interested only in plundering Kashmir’s resources for their own benefit from the very beginning. By keeping the people away from such facts and making them victims of ambiguity they have made them mental slaves so that the people of Kashmir will never be able to recognize their rights and take back their rights from the usurper. It is up to the people of Kashmir to protect themselves from further exploitation and slavery and stop the government from building more dams and not allow the usurper to carry out their plans till the power crisis in Kashmir is completely over,unless there is an agreement to use the money from tourism, forests and resources for the prosperity and development of Kashmir. Yes, there is no hospital, there is no employment, so do not be fooled by the usurper! The  day the people of Kashmir are united and stand up for their rights, that day the usurper will have no choice but to kneel down. The day the people become strong, the rulers will automatically become weak. And the people will be strong only if they do not give up their personal interests and stand with the people against all oppression and exploitation. When we can get our due, even if it is a little late it will be worth the fight. Today, we have no choice but to live a life of need and helplessness.


  1. […] In view of the alarming situation of taxes imposed on electricity, especially fuel adjustment tax, load shedding, violations of rights, quota cut, malnutrition crisis,a protest began with huge public participation in POK. The campaign was carried out with hundreds of campaigners at more than a dozen places in Nakyal Padwah Chowk, Milad Chowk, Banala Road, Mujahan Road, Mohra Adda, Pir Kalingar Adda, Market, Chowk, Public places. To aim was to organize and mobilize the people to avoid economic exploitation, to awaken the ruling class and draw attention to the situation of Nikyal Bazar, wells, blocked drains and the dilapidated state of Chowk to Pir Kalingar Road as a  slap them on the faces of the ruling class and the authorities. Drums were used to attribute to the awareness protest. Speaking on this occasion, speakers Shah Nawaz Ali Sher Advocate, High Court, Chacha Shafiq Kashmiri, Sardar Jawad Anwar Khan Advocate, Chaudhry Abdul Aziz Jarvi, Mujeeb Alam Chaudhry, Ejaz Chubb, Chaudhry Sadaqat Baghi, Usman Ali, Naveed Ahmed and others said  that all the hydroelectric power is generated from our region and they need just 250 megawatts of domestic electricity.  They said that they were  also paying the bill of a few hundred units in the form of fiscal adjustment tax and other taxes of more than 55,000. They complained of injustice happening to the people of POK and warned that soon people would burning local drains instead of submitting sky rocketing electricity bills.  Civil disobedience movement will would  be announced after public communication campaign. They said that they were being denied their basic human rights and  that they were being meted … […]

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