POK Gangrape Survivor Pleads for Justice

Maria Tahir (Photo: News Intervention)

A woman resident of Bhimber area of Pakistan ​​Occupied Kashmir who had been gang-raped has appealed to human rights organizations for justice.Maria Tahir, a resident of Bhimber area of ​​Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, has said that the accused who raped her are influential who have been gnashing their teeth in public with the connivance of the police. She said, “Bhimber police and court leaders forced us to write a consent to gang rape, blackmail and kidnapping for ransom at gunpoint. My suspects include Haroon Al-Rasheed, Mamun Al-Rasheed, Jamil Shafi, Waqas Ashraf, Sanam Haroon and three unknown individuals who gang-raped me who made videos and photos of me during the rape. The accused kidnapped my son Muhammad Kaif from his house and demanded a large sum of money for ransom. I request to the President, the Prime Minister and the Chief Justice that justice be delivered”.

Maria Tahir, a resident of Bhimber-Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, who was the victim of gang-rape, told a press conference at the National Press Club Islamabad that she had been on the run for eight years but had not yet received justice. “The leaders forced us to write a letter of consent to gang rape, blackmail and kidnapping for ransom at gunpoint. For one million weapons, the accused kidnapped my son Mohammad Kaif from his house for refusing to pay more and demanded huge amount of money for kidnapping for ransom. . .   .The oppressors also took my last resort, my jewelry. For seven months I was brutalized. During these seven months, I was intimidated and threatened. When I got tired of accepting the demands of the accused, I tried to commit suicide”,Maria said. The police had refused to register an FIR against the accused. She further said “Puppet Former Senior Minister of Azad Kashmir Chaudhry Tariq Farooq’s brother, brother-in-law and his thugs, numbering between 25 and 30, attacked us at the police station and picked us up from the police station and took us to their court. For 19 days we were targeted by Chaudhry Tariq Farooq’s brothers-in-law and their thugs. Despite this, Bhimber police and the leaders of this court forced us to write consent for gang rape, blackmail and kidnapping for ransom at gunpoint. The Bhamber police stamped the consent form of Bhimber police station and handed over a copy of the consent form telling us that no court in the world can challenge our agreement. Justice should be provided to us”.

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