CGST Panchkula commemorates 6th GST Day at Gurugram

cgst anniversary celebrated
Event organised by CGST Panchkula Zone (Photo: News Intervention)

CGST Panchkula Zone and Excise and Taxation Department, Haryana commemorated the GST implementation anniversary on July 1 by organising an event at Apparel House, Gurugram. GST Day was celebrated on July 1 across the country to mark the 6th anniversary of GST implementation.

CGST’s Gurugram event was attended by the representatives of all the stakeholders and trade. They highlighted the challenges faced by the whole system during the initial phase of implementation and subsequent efforts made by the administrations and officers. Thanking the political establishments, the stakeholders praised its determination to implement new tax regime and being receptive to their suggestions. Along with the political establishments, the stakeholders also thanked the officials who strived to ease out technicalities and made the process of initial phase lucid. They elucidated that in mere six years the problems and challenges of the initial phases have been sorted and now GST is in its great phase as most of the issues of taxpayers have been completely resolved. They highlighted that the current tax regime of GST is the most successful model as compared to other federal tax structures across the world.

Special mention was made about the seamless efforts and coordination between state and central GST officers. It was also explained how the technical and legal procedures related to GST have now been simplified and streamlined for businesses. Dushyant Chutala, deputy CM of Haryana was the chief guest at this event. The deputy CM of Haryana thanked all the officers for their outstanding work due to which the tax administration has been simplified, modernised and is in harmony with the trade. It’s due to their hard work that the tax collection has been propelled to touch new benchmark, remarked Dushyant Chautala.

Several officers from the Central GST and Haryana State Excise and Taxation Department also participated in this event. Upender Gupta IRS, chief commissioner of CGST Panchkula Zone, Devinder Singh Kalyan IRS, principal secretary of excise & traxation, and Ashok Kumar Meena, IAS, excise and taxation commissioner of Haryana were present to extend a warm welcome to the chief guest, dignitaries, businesspersons, tax practitioners, and other stakeholders. As a token of appreciation for their exemplary service in GST administration, ten officers from CGST Panchkula Zone and 12 officers from the Excise & Taxation Department of Haryana were honored with commendation certificates.

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