Indian Consulate in San Francisco vandalized by Khalistani separatists

khalistan attackers
Attack on the Indian Consulate by Khalistan supporters (Photo: Social Media)

In a disturbing incident, the Indian consulate in San Francisco was allegedly vandalized by Khalistani separatists on Sunday, prompting a strong condemnation from the United States State Department. The act of vandalism was met with swift response from local authorities and drew attention to the ongoing concerns surrounding Khalistani extremist activities.

According to reports, the attempted arson and vandalism took place on Saturday, but the San Francisco Fire Department was able to quickly extinguish the fire at the consulate. Fortunately, there were no major damages or injuries reported. Local, state, and federal authorities were immediately notified of the incident.

US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller expressed deep concern over the incident, stating, “The US strongly condemns the reported vandalism and attempted arson against the Indian Consulate in San Francisco on Saturday. Vandalism or violence against diplomatic facilities or foreign diplomats in the US is a criminal offense.”

A video shared by San Francisco-based Diya TV showcased the consulate engulfed in flames, with the words “violence begets violence” overlaid on the footage. The video also displayed newspaper clippings reporting the recent death of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a designated terrorist and leader of pro-Khalistan groups, who was shot dead in Canada the previous month.

Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a 46-year-old native of Jalandhar, had been accused of providing financial support to the Khalistan Tiger Force and the Canadian arm of Sikhs For Justice (SFJ), both known Khalistani outfits. He had affiliations with Babbar Khalsa International (BKI), one of the oldest Canada-based Khalistani terror groups.

Meanwhile, pro-Khalistan supporters in Canada have called for a “freedom rally,” accompanied by posters that contain threats towards India’s envoy in Ottawa and the Consul General in Toronto.

This event at the Indian consulate in San Francisco follows an earlier breach by Khalistani separatists who managed to infiltrate the premises and fly two flags displaying the Khalistan emblem. The frequency of such attacks highlights the continued threat presented by Khalistani extremist elements.

Speaking on the matter, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar expressed his concerns over the radical and extremist ideology of Khalistanis, emphasizing that it is detrimental not only to India but also to partner countries such as the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. He urged these nations to deny space to Khalistani activities, stating that their ideologies are detrimental to bilateral relations.

The Indian government has announced its intention to raise the issue of pro-Khalistan posters being displayed at the rally in Canada, further underscoring the need to address and counter the influence of radical Khalistani elements.

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