Coordination Committee of occupied Baltistan affirms support for united POGB demands

protest in POGB
Shia cleric Agha Ali Rizvi (Photo: Social Media)

Shedding the clouds of uncertainty over their stand, the Coordination Committee of occupied-Baltistan has made it apparent that they are unwavering in their commitment to stand with the demands of the united Pakistan occupied Gilgit-Baltistan (POGB), as put forward by the Awami Action Committee in the form of a charter of demands.

On January 31, the All Part Coordination Committee of Baltistan held a meeting under Agha Ali Rizvi and Ghulam Hussain Azhar. After the meeting, a decision was reached, and an announcement was made. In a letter issued by the All Part Coordination Committee, it was stated that the committee fully endorses and extends support to the ongoing protest. It also mentioned that as soon as Shahrah-e-Baltistan (Jaglot to Skardu road) would be cleared, the caravan will reach and join the Ittehad Chowk Dharna.

Copy of statement of All Party Coordination Committee Baltistan (Photo: X)

Notably, after the occupying government revoked the notification of December 26, which abolished the subsidy, Agha Ali Rizvi stated that the main demand for protest was the wheat subsidy and since it was reinstated, they would now move towards solving other issues through dialogue. This created apprehensions for the further course of action of POGB protest. Additionally, the convoy of Nagar also returned following the occupying government. And hence, the statement of coordination committee of Baltistan is significant and has come as a positive response to the ongoing struggle.

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