Multiple rockets ambush Pak Army camp in Hoshab, Pak-occupied Balochistan

Dozen rockets fired in Pak army camp in Hoshab, Pak-occupied Balochistan
Rockets fired in Hoshab (Source: X)

Recently, a dozen rockets were fired at the Pakistan Army camp in Hosab, Pak-occupied Balochistan. The attack came from an unknown direction and the area echoed with the explosions, additionally, intense gunfire was heard during that time.

As of yet, the authorities have not stated their stance on the damages.

Although Baloch armed freedom fighters are present in the mentioned area no one has claimed responsibility for this attack yet.

Meanwhile, an attack on a vehicle transporting minerals in the Kalat district of occupied Balochistan and a gas pipeline in the Mirpur Khas area of occupied Sindh was carried out by unidentified armed men.

They reportedly bombed a natural gas pipeline on Tuesday night that travels from Sui, Balochistan, to Punjab, close to the Sindhi city of Mirpur Khas. The explosion forced the suspension of gas service in some areas.

Authorities immediately cordoned off the area and began a search and rescue operation. In the meantime, there was also an attack on a natural gas well in Pir Koh, Dera Bugti. It has not yet been determined whether there are any more reports on this incident.

Similarly, in Kalat’s Khanezai neighbourhood, a car transporting minerals was ambushed by unidentified armed men. No casualties from the attack were reported. So far, the responsibility for the aforementioned attacks has not been claimed by anyone.

Since the Pak Army occupied Balochistan in March 1948, they have committed human rights violence and the Baloch genocide. The resource-rich region has been inflicted with the brutal “kill and dump” policy, enforced disappearances, indiscriminate shooting and extra-judicial killings. To remove the Pak Army and their violence, freedom fighters have emerged in the region. Their sole motive is to seek independence and protect the Baloch ethnic group from the atrocities.

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