Daring bomb attack on Pakistan Frontier Corps checkpoint in Buleda

    Grenade Attack Targets Frontier Corps Check Post
    Attack on Frontier Corps (Photo - News Intervention)

    Recently, a local bomb attack targeted a Frontier Corps (FC) checkpoint in the tehsil of Buleda, located in the Kech district of Pakistan. The incident unfolded on Sunday (24th Dec) evening, when unidentified individuals launched a daring assault on the security post.

    Reportedly, the attackers utilized a locally made explosive device, directing it at the FC checkpoint with precision. The force of the explosion resulted in the significant destruction of the checkpoint. As of now, authorities have refrained from providing details regarding any casualties or injuries resulting from the attack.

    In response, Pakistan Army have swiftly taken action. Following the attack, a comprehensive cordon and search operation has been initiated in the surrounding area.

    Pakistan-occupied Balochistan, a resource-rich province, has been plagued by sporadic flare-ups of violence in recent years. Atrocities committed by the Pakistan Army against the Baloch community have motivated freedom fighters to take up arms against the brutal occupation.

    However, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. The longstanding grievances of the Baloch people against the Army, primarily concerning resource depletion and human rights violations, have fueled ongoing tensions in the region since the Army forcefully occupied Balochistan in 1948.

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