Detention of Baloch students & activists of the Baloch Long March by Pak Army continues

Dozens Still Detained as Pakistan Releases Some Arrested Activists and Students
Baloch students held (Photo - Social Media)

Despite the Interior Ministry’s statement announcing the release of all arrested students and activists, concerns remain regarding the whereabouts and well-being of several individuals detained during recent crackdown on the protests. Following the events of December 21st, when nearly 300 individuals were reportedly arrested near Chungi 26 and the Press Club in Islamabad, activists are demanding the release of those still in custody.

While 195 individuals have been released, the fate of 86 remains unclear. 52 are reportedly detained in Attock Jail, while 34 have been sent to Adiala Jail on judicial remand. Notably, the status and location of Dr. Zaheer Baloch, a prominent activist, remains unknown, raising concerns about his safety and well-being.

The continued detention of these individuals has sparked outrage and frustration among the Baloch community and human rights groups. Questions are being raised about the legality of the arrests and the lack of transparency surrounding the detained individuals’ status. This incident comes amidst continued tensions and ongoing long march by the Baloch community against enforced disappearances, human rights violations and disarmament of the Counter Terrorism Department.

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