Destruction of Ahmadiyya graves in Pak-occupied Jammu and Kashmir

Grave of Ahmadiyyas destroyed
Grave of Ahmadiyyas in Kotli, POJK (Photo: X)

In a recent incident showing religious hatred against Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir (POJK), the graves of Ahmadiyyas has been desecrated.

The incident emerged from POJK’s Kotli where multiple graves were vandalized. The graves also included one of the Pakistan Army personnel who fought in Siachin. This highlights the grave mistakes of Ahmadiyyas who were at the fore front of championing the cause of formation of Pakistan back in 1947.

They perceived that a country based on Islam will provide them respect. On the contrary, the very country scrapped their right to call them even Muslims.

Like all Muslims, Ahmadiyya believe that Prophet Muhammad was the prophet but not the last. According to them, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was the last prophet and for their belief, Pakistan officially declared them as non-Muslims. Later in 1984, they were prohibited from referring to themselves as Muslims and a law was passed regarding that.

Now they don’t even have the right to construct mosques as per Islamic traditions. The absolutely brutal subjugation of Ahmadiyyas signifies that radicalism and extremism runs deep into the political system of Pakistan.

Nevertheless, the incident of desecrated graves of Ahmadiyyas also serves as a reminded for international community and human right organisations to take immediate and effective measures to deal with the religious persecution in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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