World Sindhi Congress protests outside UNHRC against atrocities in Pakistan on Sindhis

sindhis protest
World Sindhi Congress protests outside UNHRC in Geneva (Photo: WSC)

In a bid to shed light on the ongoing human rights abuses faced by the Sindhi people in Pakistan, the World Sindhi Congress protests outside the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) headquarters in Geneva.

Led by WSC representatives, the protest aimed to draw attention to the systematic persecution endured by Sindhis, including enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, and the suppression of religious minorities. Additionally, the demonstrators underscored concerns over the looting of Sindhi resources and the plight of Sindhi Hindus.

While the World Sindhi Congress protests, speakers condemned the Pakistani administration’s brutal tactics, citing recent extra-judicial killing such as the murder of activist Hidayat Lohar. Despite the availability of CCTV footage and eyewitnesses, perpetrators continue to evade accountability, prompting calls for international intervention.

WSC General Secretary Lakho Lohana implored the UN and the global community to intervene and halt the ongoing genocide against the Sindhi people. Lohana emphasized the urgent need to address land grabbing, resource exploitation, and other injustices perpetrated by Pakistani authorities.

As per reports, prominent rights activist Hidayat Bhutto recounted the struggles of victims’ families and highlighted the pervasive issue of enforced disappearances in Pakistan. He urged the international community to support efforts to hold perpetrators accountable and ensure justice for the oppressed.

Fahmida Khokh, another protester, stressed the recurring nature of the WSC’s demonstrations and called for decisive action to end the suffering of Sindhi people. Khokh emphasized the necessity of halting enforced disappearances and asserted Sindhi’s ability to thrive independently if freed from resource exploitation by Pakistan.

As the protest concluded, WSC reiterated its plea for UN intervention to safeguard Sindhi rights and prevent further atrocities. With tensions escalating and injustices persisting, the global community faces mounting pressure to address the crisis unfolding in Sindh.

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