Destruction of Gwadar in the name of Mega Projects: Mahrang Baloch

Mahrang Baloch held awareness program
Mahrang Baloch (Photo: X)

Dr Mahrang Baloch, the leader of the Baloch Unity Committee, stated in a video message that an unscrupulous megaproject has been launched in Gwadar, creating the illusion that Gwadar and its residents have made progress, which is not the case. Under the guise of these dubious projects, checkpoints have been set up in every alley in Gwadar, allowing Pak establishments, including the Coast Guard, to enter homes and evict residents. Dr Baloch emphasized that Gwadar’s ancient livelihoods, which date back a century, are being undermined, leaving thousands homeless and uncertain about their futures.

In response, the Baloch Unity Committee has decided to organize an awareness campaign in which intellectuals will participate to shed light on how Gwadar’s infrastructure has been altered, negatively impacting the lives of locals. They promised to amplify the voices of those who have gone unheard in Gwadar, and they invited all residents to attend the program at the Gwadar Stadium.

Furthermore, the Baloch Unity Committee distributed pamphlets emphasizing that the recent devastations in Gwadar are not hidden from anyone due to numerous unscrupulous megaprojects. Aside from dealing with various health issues and material losses, Gwadar is drowning in the stress of homelessness. The 2024 floods have highlighted the city’s residents’ decades-long neglect. In these trying times, the Baloch Unity Committee travelled to the affected areas, prepared detailed reports on the destruction (which were also shared with the press), launched a three-day unity campaign in Baloch areas, and appealed to people for cooperation.

At the culmination of the unity campaign, they will hold an awareness session to raise people’s awareness of the causes and effects of the floods, as well as to educate them on various technical aspects of climate change and standard operating procedures (SOPs). They are determined to dispel the myth that everything is natural, refusing to include themselves and others in the false narratives spread by artificial forces, such as flawed Pak Army policies. They encourage active participation in the session to exchange ideas on various topics such as reconstruction, self-made megaprojects, and Gwadar’s development. They invite all residents of Gwadar and the surrounding areas to attend the scheduled awareness session, become advocates for unity, and support affected families when they need it most.

The pamphlet also emphasizes that in the 21st century, despite apparent visibility, ignorance of critical factors and failure to hold relevant forces accountable is the greatest misfortune. As a result, participation in the session is critical for revealing hidden truths behind unjust policies, exposing numerous natural and artificial irregularities, and taking a positive step forward.

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