Hindu man abduction in Sindh: Viral video captures pleas for help

abduction of hindu man in sindh
Poster of abducted Hindu man Ritik Kumar (Photo: X)

The harrowing tale of a Hindu man named Ritik Kumar, abducted one month ago while traveling from Sukkur to Mirpur Mathelo, has unfolded a disturbing pattern of targeted harassment against Hindus in Sindh. Despite informing authorities immediately, there has been a shocking lack of effort to locate Ritik or identify the perpetrators, raising concerns about the safety and security of the Hindu community in the region.

Reports suggest the involvement of local Waderas (feudal landlords) and bigoted individuals with influential backing. A viral video depicting Ritik in chains, pleading for release while being tortured, has added urgency to the matter.


This incident bears unsettling similarities to a case last year when Hindu man Jagdish Kumar Mukhi was abducted from Kashmore. Later another one, named Sagar Kumar was also abducted from Kashmore. The lack of prompt action by the police led to public protests in Kashmore and Kandhkot. However, instead of addressing the concerns of the protestors, the police, along with some dacoits, attacked the demonstration, injuring many.

The recurring theme of targeted abductions of Hindus and the subsequent apathy from authorities suggest a worrying trend. The striking resemblance between Ritik Kumar’s case and the incident in Kashmore last year implies a selective abduction pattern, indicating potential involvement by influential entities within the Pakistani establishment and their puppet administration in Sindh.

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