Family of Pakistan’s civil judge tortures a minor girl

Civil Judge's Wife Accused
Minor who was tortured (Photo: News Intervention)

In a shocking and distressing incident, the Islamabad Police have filed a criminal case against Soumya, the wife of Civil Judge Asim Hafeez posted at Judicial Academy Islamabad, under Sections 502 and 342 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC). The charges relate to threats to kill and punishment of imprisonment, respectively.

The case came to light when a young girl was admitted to Lahore General Hospital in a critical condition, and her family alleged that she had been subjected to physical abuse at the hands of Judge Hafeez’s wife, Soumya.

Upon her arrival at the hospital, a 12-member medical board comprising senior doctors from various specialties was assembled to treat the severely malnourished and critically injured girl. Medical examinations revealed not only severe malnutrition but also complex brain injuries, a fractured arm, and a deep wound on her back.

The FIR was registered by the girl’s father, Manga Khan, who claimed that approximately seven months ago, he had sent his daughter to work as a domestic worker, earning a monthly salary of Rs 10,000, through an acquaintance named Chaudhry Mukhtar. The victim’s parents asserted that they had not seen their daughter in the last seven months and had only spoken to her on the phone a few times.

According to the FIR, Manga Khan visited the residence where his daughter worked after becoming suspicious. Upon hearing his daughter’s cries, he entered the room to find her in a severely injured state. He alleged that Soumya, the judge’s wife, had tortured his daughter mercilessly, leaving marks all over her body, including untreated wounds infested with maggots.

Judge Asim Hafeez addressed the media and claimed that the girl had consumed soil from the pots in the house, which led to her deteriorated skin condition. However, the girl’s family members assert that Soumya accused the girl of theft and attempted to kill the son of the homeowners by washing the stolen ornaments in the sewer.

The victim’s mother fervently pleaded for justice, expressing her desire to see the same commitment to justice that her husband demonstrates in court.

The Islamabad Police assured that appropriate action would be taken to apprehend the accused and that the case would be thoroughly investigated to ensure justice is served. Furthermore, it was stated that Judge Asim Hafeez himself would be questioned during the investigation regarding his knowledge of the alleged torture of the minor girl by his wife.

The case has elicited widespread shock and condemnation, and many are hoping for a swift and impartial resolution, ensuring that those responsible for the young girl’s suffering are brought to justice.

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